After 13 Years Being A Dating Expert, Joe Ducard Reveals:

The 2 Secrets To Getting Awesome With Women
The Absolute Fastest Way Possible

Hey Man I'll get right to it...

If you want to meet and attract better quality Women the easiest way possible then you need to do the 2 things I'm about to share with you right now.

I straight up asked myself, "What would have helped me out the most when I started learning how to get better with Women?"

I wasted so much time watching videos, reading books, and listening to "experts" who never helped me one bit and just confused me with all the conflicting information.

What I really needed to be great, and all you need are these two things...

1. Model A Guy Who's Crushing It

Never take advice from someone you aren't willing to trade places with.  Period.  It blows my mind that guys pay "experts" thousands of dollars to learn how to attract Women, and the expert hasn't attracted a Woman in years.  Or even worse, the expert is a Woman who has no clue what it's like to be a Man in today's crazy dating scene.

You need to know exactly what's working right now.  Not some theory that someone heard from someone else 10 years ago and is recycling.  You need to learn from someone who is getting the results that you want with Women TODAY.  Everyone else is full of shit.

My results skyrocketed when I started learning directly from Guys,  real Experts, who were having the type of success with Women that I wanted.  They shared golden tips from successes they were having every week.  Real life, concrete, current examples.

The issue is it's almost impossible to find someone who's legit and not full of shit nowadays.  Someone who actually crushes it with hot Women that's not using status and fame.  Someone who actually has a teachable strategy that works and you can learn!

2. Get Feedback From That Guy On What You're Doing

If you're lucky enough to find a guy who's actually getting results and sharing what he is doing with you, then you're golden.  The only way to make it better would be if you could ask that guy for feedback and advice on what you're doing.

You can go out and apply what you learn and get better results, but there will always come a time when you need to ask questions and work through a sticky situation...

"What do I say to approach her?  I have so fear of the approach"

"I'm having trouble continuing the conversation and I'm running out of things to say"

"How can I move that conversation from friendly to flirty and create that spark of attraction?"

"How do I build chemistry and sexual tension so I can actually close instead of ending up in the friend zone?"

"How can I raise my self confidence, take her off a pedestal, and feel more worthy of a quality Woman?"

You can go back to the old internet and youtube search and pray that you find an actual expert that's going to give you advice after hours of searching.

The big issue is even the very few experts can't share their best tips with you because they're too controversial in today's SJW and PC culture.

Dating coaches are getting banned from YouTube and other platforms left and right.  No one wants to share the raw, real, and uncensored tips that are working like black magic.  That was until now...

I Created A "Secret Society" For Us

Over the past year, I've had the most success with Women that I've ever had in my life.  Not only that, but my students have done better on my programs than ever before.  I've been at this for 13 years now!  Sober, and massive action.  I honestly don't know anyone who's put more into this than I have.

I want to pass the torch.  I want to give you all of my lessons and secrets that I can't share on a blog or on YouTube.  I want to tell you stories, and give you real world examples of what is working TODAY.

It kills me to see Men struggling with Women nowadays.  Trying to slide in their DMs, liking and commenting on pictures,  and getting no matches on apps.  Having to sit home watching girls post fun shit they're doing while they feel lonely and left out.  And the worst part, resorting to watching porn and wasting away all of their masculine energy.

There is another way!  There is shit that is working better than ever and I want to share it with you!

But I can't just share it with everyone...

I have created a small, private facebook group to share weekly videos with tips, stories, golden nuggets, and answers to all your questions.

This isn't a group call or a set time frame, you can literally show up and watch and get feedback on your own time whenever you want!

I'm not even joking with you, the standard price for group coaching from an "expert" now is $1000 a month.  Shit I know a buddy who paid $1000 a month to lease a sports car in hopes to get girls and he never got one girl to sit in it!

I asked myself what was the lowest price I can offer this to you and still keeps the lights on at my apartment.  $197 $97 a month.  That's it.

My friends told me I'm nuts for charging so little, and honestly I'll probably raise the price after the next 5 people join.  But for now I want to give you a chance to get in at a steal.

You can cancel anytime, just message me on facebook: Http://

There's already over 100 videos in the group and growing every week!  Honestly what do you have to lose?

You can waste another year of your life doing the same shit you have always done and getting the same results, or you can model my success and learn what is actually working.  It may take only one idea or tip to change everything for you!

Here's what you get:

-over 100 videos already covering every major topic and sticking point and reports of success.  Each video is average 20 minutes long some longer.  Thousands of dollars of value you get the second you join.

-A new video EVERY WEEK from me reporting back results and covering any topics that you want to hear more about!

-The ability to ask me questions every week, suggest topics you want to hear more about, and get feedback directly from me.  And no obligation either, you can always just watch and enjoy.

-access to a group of Men who are like minded and going after their goals with you

The time is now

No excuse will make sense at the end of your life for you not having the amazing times with Women that you really want.  I have this shit figured out.  Let me help you do the same and stop wasting your time on bullshit.  $197 $97 a month and you can cancel anytime.  You can spend more than that on a date that goes nowhere.  Click below to checkout securely through paypal and I'll see you inside!

Is it worth it?

"Joe answers all your questions in depth with reasoning and valid points. He is literally born to elevate your success with women and keeps it real. I don’t regret joining the private group because my game has elevated because of Joe. without him I would still be banging my head and getting hung up.  You would be a fool not to join you’re missing out." - Neil, Secret Society member

Will what I do work for you?  Here's what some of my students have to say.

"To put it as plainly as I can - Joe changed my life. He is one of the most knowledgeable, charismatic and gifted teachers that I have ever seen. Everything that Joe teaches comes 100% from his own experiences, personal struggle and his own life transformation. All of this allows him help you in a way that no one else can.  It is truly a gift to learn from such a man." Ryan S - New York, NY

"Joe has drastically shortened the time it took me to reach my goals with women." Abdul M - New York, NY

"he cares his student's success, and that's what really separates him from everyone else" John L - San Francisco, CA

"Before I met Joe I had never really approached Women at all and it made me super nervous.  By the second day of working with Joe I was walking up to hot girls with ease and got phone numbers that turned into dates." Dave P - New York City, NY

"Joe taught me more about meeting the women I was interested in than any other person, book, DVD or anything else along the journey... Right away I could tell that he actually cared very much about his students and their results, and also that he could really get the results I wanted himself. If someone is going to teach you to do something, they should be able to do it even better than your goals themselves... In an industry full of internet marketers that are basically full of it, Joe is one of the very very few exceptions that can very legitimately get you where you want to go."  - Brandon D - Denver, CO

“This was way beyond any expectation that I could have had.  I was initially thinking about coming and doing this to learn how to pick up women and how to get better, but this turned out to be a life changing experience for me in the sense that it addresses many of my insecurities not only with Women but also at work, public speaking,  so it was an amazing surprise.  Right after coming back from that weekend it totally changed who I am forever.  I got so much more out of this than I ever thought I would.”  Ricardo M - Miami, FL

"I would highly recommend the 1on1 session to cover a lot of ground on your sticking points. I think this would workout for whatever level you are at. I consider myself intermediate and found this very helpful." Sam D - Houston, TX

"So I’m going to click my heels and wish for the hottest girls. I know I’ll get them. And Joe? He’s like the A team, if you have a problem, if no one else can help, maybe you can hire him. (Cue to soundtrack).” - David L, New York, NY

"If you have to pick an instructor or fly half way around the world to learn this material, do so from Joe, he cares about his students and wants them to find success in whatever goals they have with women" - Jeff D, Texas

"Through this bootcamp I've learned a lot, have been approaching more women, and have met some great wingmen. The teachings from this bootcamp not only have helped me with approaching and attracting women, but it has also helped me develop more as a person and has improved my interactions with all people.

Overall, this was a great experience and I'd recommend this bootcamp to anybody who wants to quickly learn what works in the field and how you can apply it correctly and efficiently to achieve your goals."  Ali S, New York, NY

"Training with Joe cut through the clutter and confusion of all the pickup material that is out there to reveal a simple and easily applicable method that gets results. I now know how to take what I want out of my interactions with women. I wish I had taken this seminar sooner; it was well worth the investment.” - Eli T, New York, NY

I have pages of testimonials as well as video and audio testimonials, if you want to hear more e-mail me at and I'll send them over 🙂

P.S. Just a heads up...

I will be increasing the price of this group as more people join and more content is added every week.  I would get in now if you're thinking about it.  I will not raise prices on anyone who's currently a member.   If you have ANY questions message me on facebook or e-mail me at   Lets live an amazing life now.

-Joe Ducard