How to approach women without fear and never run out of things to say...
ever again

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Let me ask you something...

  • Have you ever felt like you don't know what to say to Women, and miss opportunities to talk to them because of this?
  • Are you struggling to find the energy and motivation after an exhausting week to go out on your own because you still cant find a quality wingman you can go out with?
  • Do you not even know where to begin with all the conflicting advice and "gurus" out there?
  • Are you afraid you will run out of things to say when talking to a girl that you like?
  • Do you still find it hard to consistently get yourself to approach Women?

I know exactly how you feel

10 years ago I was extremely overweight, had only been with one Woman my entire life, had less than 3 good friends, and had crippling social anxiety.

Despite all of that, I desperately wanted to become the Man I had always dreamed I would be. Fit, Cool, Popular, and a have life filled with adventures with beautiful Women.

I almost let this dream die as I believed that the life I dreamed of just wasn't in the cards for me. I was invisible to attractive Women

But guess what, I found a solution

I stumbled into a secret society of Men who taught dating and self development skills.

Once I saw a possibility that I could LEARN how to be more attractive to Women I started working on myself from the inside out and honing my dating skills 24/7.

In a year I had lost over 100 pounds and could approach Women without hesitation and be the life of the party anywhere I went without knowing anyone before arriving.

I was recruited to join the founding company in the dating industry and take men out in real life to teach them to do what I had done. Transform themselves into the guy that got the girl.

You may be thinking, that's great, but how can this work for me?

I've been teaching Men of every type you can imagine with the top companies in the industry for the last 8+ years

Skinny, fat, brown, yellow, white, bald, short, thick accents, I've seen and taught them all.

And guess what, every type of guy has been able to learn how to approach Women easily and effectively, and hold a stimulating conversation.

The guys who kept at it have done a whole lot more than that as well.

There's no excuse but the ones you choose to believe.

The best part about it, was that the more guys I taught and the more experienced I gained the tighter my system got.

I now help Men make massive changes in their dating lives in a fraction of the time it took me when I first started.

What would it mean to you if...

You could learn exactly what to say to women and be able to consistently start a fun conversation that actually goes somewhere?

Imagine what it would be like if you could be in charge of you dating life and have options with the Beautiful Women you really want?

Not the ones that chose you and you settled for because that was the best you could get.


For years I've taught thousands of men the skills to make these dreams a reality.

The only way for you to learn these secrets from me was to take a live in person program with me.

That was until now...


Here's what a few of my most recent students had to say after working with me...

To put it as plainly as I can - Joe changed my life. He is one of the most knowledgeable, charismatic and gifted teachers that I have ever seen. Everything that Joe teaches comes 100% from his own experiences, personal struggle and his own life transformation. All of this allows him help you in a way that no one else can.  It is truly a gift to learn from such a man

Ryan S, New York City, NY

Before I met Joe I had never really approached Women at all and it made me super nervous.  By the second day of working with Joe I was walking up to hot girls with ease and got phone numbers that turned into dates.

Dave P, New York City, NY

I grew up having little success with women, mostly because I had crippling approach anxiety to the point that even just at the thought of approaching a girl got me nervous and anxious. I truly believed that I would never be able to even approach a girl. The first time I went out with Joe, watching him for about 30mins effortlessly approach and talk to TONS of girls and hot ones, and some guidance, it changed the way I saw and felt about approaching women. By the end of that night I had made close to 50 approaches and met a few girls I am still in touch with today. I was still a little anxious of course but easily pushed through it with Joe by my side. I can truly say I changed that night. I have since been able to effortlessly approach girls and have a lot of fun doing it. And I get laid!

Jon Ryan, New York City, NY

I've Created The Ultimate Program To Maximize Your Results With Women

Next Level Dating

Next Level Dating is an online interactive 4 week course that teaches you how to approach and attract quality Women consistently.

I've gathered all of my best teachings together and put them into this course that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

This course is the foundation of meeting women in a no nonsense exactly "how to" format.

No boring theory or me talking in circles to try and sound cool.

Only the fundamental skills that produce real world results for you in your dating life.

This course is the meat and potatoes of attracting Women.  The foundations that even top guys need to revisit and master.

This Program Is Not For Everybody

This Program is for...
-Guys who don't have a lot of experience approaching women at all
-A Guy who wants to get the rust off and start meeting women again
-Guys who have problems getting out consistently, staying motivated, and finding solid Wingmen and friends
-A Guy who doesn't know where to start
-Guys who want a specific step-by-step gameplan they can rely on to meet Women

This Program is not for...
-Keyboard jockeys who think they know it all when it comes to picking up women
-Guys who want a magic pill and don't want to go out and apply themselves in the real world
-Guys who are really advanced and have no problem approaching and attracting new Women consistently.

Here's just some of what you're going to discover to accelerate your success with Women...

How to present yourself for instant attraction
-instant fixes for model level fashion
-down and dirty fitness tips to build muscle and burn fat

Finding wingmen and friends
-the best and easiest places to meet quality wingmen
-an over the shoulder demo to find wingmen right on your computer instantly
-how to be an infectious person that everyone loves to be around

-the best places to go that are packed full of single Women
-conversation tools that will ensure you will never have awkward silences ever again
-Field Tested Techniques for blasting through Approach Anxiety

-never run out of things to say again with this arsenal of techniques
-how to become the guy that makes girls crack up laughing
-the exact questions to ask to screen for the woman you want while building a deep connection

Taking Consistent Action
-prevent overwhelm, get motivated, and get yourself chomping at the bit to get going

Here's Exactly What You Get

  • 20+ video presentations of the entire course curriculum to take you from getting started all the way to mastering the art of conversation
  • Unprecedented access to me in a secret members only Facebook Group. Ask me any questions, anytime, during the entire length of the course (4 weeks! and I'l be in the group every day)
  • 4 Weekly Video Conferences where I answer in depth and on video your more detailed questions

You'll also get these bonuses

  • Magnetic Man Checklist

    A comprehensive list of the most important qualities to have, and the ones you absolutely need to avoid, if you want to become a magnetically attractive person to everyone you encounter.

  • What Would Joe Do?

    Look over my shoulder and see exactly what I say when I approach Women word for word.  I’ve transcribed scripts of me approaching girls that I came up with using the techniques that I teach you in the course.

What's The Investment?

Let me tell you a quick true story about my old buddy Rocko,

Rocko was a nice guy who wanted to attract a Woman into his life.  So he picked up a beautiful brand new BMW at the cost of $1,000 a month (not including his massive down-payment) in hopes of impressing Women.

He had to work his ass off to make those monthly payments, he even had a second job on weekends.

He would come out with me and my main Wingman every Friday and Saturday night after he got out of his second job.

Despite having a bad ass car he couldn't find the courage or the ability to talk to a single Woman.

He was too stubborn to change or put in the effort to learn any dating skills (like most men) so he would sit there with a drink to his chest and watch me and my Wingman talk to every girl in the bar.

Even when we tried to introduce him to a girl every now and then he had no clue what to talk about and went awkwardly silent after a few boring questions.  He wound up driving home, in style nonetheless, night after night by himself.

Sadly I never saw a single Woman step foot in or out of that car.

This isn't even factoring the cost of an average night out without any results.  Drinks, cover, coat check, tips, let alone missed opportunities and unrecoverable time.


A 3 day weekend bootcamp with me costs $3,000

That is what I was originally planning on selling this course for. Which is a steal for 30 DAYS of training.

In order to make it a no-brainer as far as the amount of value for the price I thought $997 would be a gift.

If you sign up today, I am offering the entire 4 week step-by-step system for 50% off.

The investment to you today is only 1 single payment of $497.

This entire program is less than half of 1 of my old buddy's monthly car payments.

To set yourself up with the concrete skills to meet and attract Women every time you go out.

You will get full access to the program right away with your first payment. All modules. All downloads. All bonuses. You can check out the entire course Immediately, or take your time with it.

The choice is yours.

Take Action Before Registration Closes

I am only taking 10 students for this course so I can really dive in and answer all of your questions and help you blast through any sticking points.  Registration closes in...

One time investment of $497 (50% off original price)

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With my 100% Money-Back Guarantee so that you don't risk even one, single cent!
You literally can't lose and have everything to gain.

If you can show me that you followed all the exercises in the program and it didn't give you the results you're looking for, then I'm happy to give you your money back.

Just shoot me an e-mail at with proof that you did the work (within the next 30 days).

This means that you can try the program for a full 30 days, check it out and see what you think - completely risk free.

And then if you decide that it's not for you, just let me know and I will happily refund you every penny of your investment.


To sum things up here's what you're getting...

  • 20+ video presentations of the entire course curriculum to take you from getting started all the way to mastering the art of conversation
  • Unprecedented access to me in a secret members only Facebook Group. Ask me any questions, anytime, during the entire length of the course (4 weeks! and I'l be in the group every day)
  • 4 Weekly Video Conferences where I answer in depth and on video your more detailed questions

And these bonuses...

  • The "Magnetic Man Checklist" of the most attractive attributes you can posses as a Man
  • The "What Would Joe Do?" Conversation Transcripts of what I say when I approach Women

One time investment of $497

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